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A detailed workshop that examines skin conditions, the early signs of skin cancer, and the ethics and etiquette surrounding the “C” word.

A Letter From the Organizer:

Many years ago, shortly after I become a massage therapist, and before the information I learned in school had time to escape my mind, I was very aware of the warning signs of skin cancer. In fact, I had one client who claims that I saved his life by identifying an irregular mole on this back which did, in fact, turn out to be skin cancer.

As LMT’s in MT, we have continuing education requirements, and when I’m in need of CEUs I start googling topics that I’d be interested in learning more about. A class discussing skin cancer warning signs was at the top of my list in 2015. Yet the only available workshop I could locate was in Florida. During the winter of 2015/2016, my mother (the most beautiful woman in the world), was diagnosed with a substantial amount of pre-cancer cells on her face. The treatment that presented the highest success rate was a topical chemotherapy called Efudex. Her diagnosis and the aggressive treatment to follow was the final prompt in my decision to create my own class in Bozeman. I’m prepared to offer you the best information in the most practical manner, that You, LMTs, hairstylists, aestheticians, and others, can use in your personal and professional lives.


Be well,
Jessie May

Be Skin Savvy - Logo

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