Zen Out

Welcome to our space. We have worked hard to cultivate an office that provides not only peace and tranquility, but also fun and safety. Be Well Bozeman is committed to professionalism and safety, and wants to ensure you have the best possible experience. 

Our sheets are laundered with scent and paragon free detergent. No fabric softeners or dryer sheets are used. All in-office cleaning products are natural and safe for the environment. Your health and safety is our number one goal!


Essential Oils

Plant Therapy essential oils are 100% pure, natural, and safe to use, and many in my collection are organic. Essential oils smell absolutely delightful, and boast many healing properties, but I understand that they may not be right for everyone.

If you wish to enhance your session with essential oils, please don't hesitate to ask. Certain oils are also available for purchase, prices vary between products.