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It's not a fee,


it's an investment.


Any session can be booked for any length of time.

Be Invigorated (30 mins): $40
This is just enough time for a troublesome spot treatment, a follow-up session, or those on a quick lunch break.

Be Refreshed (60 mins): $70
Hour sessions are the most popular! Enough time for a truly therapeutic massage or CranioSacral session, with a splash or relaxation on the side.

Be Inspired (75 mins): $85
Turn off that brain of yours! A 75 minute session is my personal favorite; it's just enough time to relax, get out of your head, and remember all of those brilliant ideas you came up with just before your fell asleep.

Be Restored (90 mins): $100
A 90 minute session is where therapy meets luxury. Give yourself time to experience the treatment and zone out into a blissful state of absolute nothingness.

Be Blissful (120 mins): $130
With plenty of time, this length of session is perfect for those who really need to hit the 'body reset' button. A full body treatment that combines massage, MFR and CranioSacral Therapy, designed for the serious connoisseurs of bodywork.

Oncology Massage (75 mins): $90
Wherever you're at in your cancer treatment, there's no better time to take care of yourself than now. Pillows and bolstering props are put into place to help you achieve a weightless feeling of comfort.

Prenatal Massage (75 mins): $85
Congratulations Mama! Massage can be so beneficial for a woman during pregnancy. Benefits include: pain alleviation, stretch mark reduction, relaxation, and renewal.