Since 2003 we've worked hard to bring balance to you, to Bozeman, and heck, to the whole world!


Meet the team


Jessie May

Health and vitality includes exercise, genuine friendships, nutritious food and being present in life. At the age of 14, Jessie May began studying alternative wellness, including reflexology, aromatherapy and massage. In 2003 she became a Licensed Massage Therapist through the Monterey Institute of Touch, and has since helped hundreds of clients along their journey towards wellness.

Jessie May studied CranioSacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute, and clients have the option of doing full treatments or incorporating CST into their massage sessions. Jessie May decided to enhance her education and complete her college degree, and in 2013 she graduated from Montana State University with a degree in Community Health and a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies.

Bicycles are her absolute favorite thing, but depending on the season you may see Jessie May working with Eagle Mount at Bridger Bowl, hiking or camping in the surrounding mountains with Kale, running along the city’s fabulous trails, or attending any number of the wonderful events Bozeman has to offer.



When you stare into the eyes of Kale Begonia, you're going to relax, that's just how it is. This beautiful Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees mutt was born in 2013 and she is one incredible pup. Animals have an innate ability to sense our pain, sorrow, joy, and so much more. In addition to providing tremendous therapy to me, Kale has a deep-seeded intuition and offers her own type of therapy to so many of our clients. When she's not at the office she's usually off on an adventure; but at work, she's all about the belly rubs!

To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.
— Emily Dickinson